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The Erasmus+ programme has been one of the most successful flagship programmes of the EU and has supported more than 10 million people to have a life changing experience abroad. The new Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027 aims to reach out to more and a broader range of young people and ensure that learners across Europe can more easily benefit from the mobility opportunities the programme offers.

This is where the new Erasmus+ App comes into play!

The first release of the new App that already includes a number of the planned features is now available to download to your mobile phone from the Google Play and App Store or online at erasmusapp.eu. Many more features are still to come later in 2021.

Digitalising your journey

The Erasmus+ App will guide participants through their mobility journeys step-by-step, allowing them to

  • complete all of the different administrative processes associated with their mobility digitally
  • access special deals and offers in the host community
  • help them to connect with others by taking part in events, social activities and volunteering

The importance of digitalisation in education has never been as apparent as during this past year. Learning and training mobility brings Europeans closer together and fosters innovation in education. Despite the difficult challenges caused by the pandemic, learning exchanges continued throughout 2020 largely thanks to digital technologies bringing people together when physical interactions were difficult.

The Erasmus+ App is revolutionising the planning, administration and support services for mobile students and other learners in Europe, making participation easier regardless of their personal or academic background.

The objective is to boost mobility in line with the vision for the European Education Area. It is also a core component of the European Student Card Initiative.

Launch event

To find out more about the Erasmus+ App – follow the online event promoting the first release of the new App on 28 January 2021 from 14:00-15:30 CET – and stay tuned for the upcoming developments and events on the Erasmus+ App!